“I’m hungry and I feel I should eat something, are they the same thing”? When you reach out to grab that pack of snacks because you feel like munching something what do you call that? Of course not being mindful. Being aware of your body’s needs and satisfying them consciously is being mindful.

We are in a fast paced world, with everything whizzing pass us and fast-paced stop and actually experience life. This has also found its way into our homes and eating habits. It’s not an uncommon sight to see people eating while chatting, or see someone shoving food into their mouth and at the same time trying to make a call – multitasking. As a result we eat more than we need to eat which can lead to weight gain.

What is mindful eating? In mindful eating, we bring our full awareness to the present moment, the thoughts and emotions may come but we try to bring our mind back to the moment. We bring our clear attention to the food.

Follow this steps outlined below for a mindful eating habit;

Always Ask am I really Hungry?

Most people just eat whenever the urge to do so comes over them. Off course it is OK all you wanted is to exist. But if you’re like me – you want to experience life and its pleasures including the pleasure of eating then there’s one thing you must learn to do. When you get the urge to eat instead of instinctively reaching out to satisfy this craving, stop and ask yourself am I really hungry? This gives you the gap to observe your thoughts and choose how you will respond. Thereby giving you the power to rewire your brain

Are you Eating Healthy?

Being mindful of your eating creates an opportunity for you to really take notice of the food you are putting into your mouth. Questions like how were the crops grown – were they organically grown? Was the meat you are eating from animals fed with grass? Were they caged or free?

Mindful eating leads you to become more concerned for the environment and its sustainability.

Begin your Food With Gratitude

Mindful eating causes you to become more aware and appreciative of all the people involved in getting the food from the field to your plate.

Savor Your Food

For every bite you take let your eyes, ears, and full consciousness be aware of the taste, the texture, the sound and the color of the food and every emotions and feels it arouses in you.  Eat the food slowly, chew the food very well, and make it liquid so that our body intestine can absorb the nutrients and digest it easily. Enjoy every morsel of the food. Become acutely aware. Give yourself to feel and savor every bite. This is what mindful eating is all about.

In summary, in our rush we have forgotten what it feels like to actually be at peace with food. We mindlessly stock ourselves with food, this lifestyle leads to a myriad of health issues that could have been avoided if only we were paying attention to what we eat. Practicing mindful eating is a way of getting back what we have lost and building a healthy relationship with food.

I’d hope you find the tips here valuable and ask that you share with your friends. Leave your thoughts in the comment box!

Stay healthy,




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