In this materialistic world, most of us are driven by the desire for power and possessions. Many strive to live a life that is not only “accepted,” but also EXPECTED of, by society.  Ironically, this tends to make us wander further away from the happiness and inner peace we’re seeking. This is demonstrated in the inevitable truth that even when someone has “enough” material items and power, they may still experience the same dissatisfaction, anxiety, and sense of insecurity.


Most people don’t realize what is truly missinga conscious appreciation of spirituality and belief.


Whether there is consciousness of it or not, one truth becomes evident: we as human beings are unable to achieve authentic happiness, mental comfort, complacency with existence, or even just contentment by material means alone. This is where the importance of religious tradition and spirituality becomes relevant, especially after one develops awareness of this fact. Every religion has a unique philosophy, and history; there are intricate similarities across them all, as well as vast differences. But all religions do have one thing in common: foundational teachings of compassion and harmony, both within oneself and universally.


Benefits of Spiritual Practice

One important thing to acknowledge is this: you don’t have to follow a specific religion, philosophy, or belief system to be spiritual. When contemplating spirituality as a whole, it’s essential to fully understand the difference between two terms: religion and spirituality.


Religion is a particular faith or belief system, defined as belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power.” Spirituality is the direct personal experience of the sacred, defined as “the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul, as opposed to material and physical things.”


Spiritual practice helps us experience higher consciousness, raises our awareness, and assists in our comprehension of this Earthly realm of existence. Making it a part of a daily routine will result in high vibration emotions like acceptance, willingness, gratitude, prosperity, and inner peace.


For example, someone with a strong spiritual outlook will have awareness and gratitude for the things that make life miraculous. When this person experiences tragedy or trauma, (such as the loss of a loved one), they tend to face the challenge head-on. They seek comfort via spiritual practice, believing a higher purpose will lead in the direction of acceptance of life’s circumstances. This impactful truth proves why spirituality is essential to keep present in life since no one can know for sure what tomorrow will bring.


By connecting with the divine power and energy, we can actually observe magical changes start to occur: we begin attracting positive phenomena, such as joy and abundance, into our life. It also generates psychological and physical health benefits for the body.


Psychological benefits:

● The nervous system & stress management: This detrimental component of our mental health runs stronger due to mental relaxation that accompanies spirituality, helping to eliminate anxiety and develop inner peace

● Communication: Expressing clear and articulate thought due to lowered anxiety and stress

● Depression: Improves or diminishes depression, especially during times of hardship and tragedy

● Generates self-worth: Creating optimism and a healthy confidence

● Intellectual growth: Thinking clearly and being stress-free enhances mental capacity and ability to absorb new concepts

●  Creativity: The ability to absorb new information enhances imagination

● Empathy: Naturally builds greater sensitivity to the physical world and ability to recognize intuition

●  Material satisfaction: Inner contentment decreases belief in the value of physical “things”

● Substance abuse: Spiritual people tend to use less alcohol and drugs, eliminating the chase of a “better” physical and mental feeling day to day

Physical health benefits:

● Stress reduction: Eliminating stress has countless medical benefits to your physical body, accelerating healing in nearly EVERY biological system

● Blood pressure stabilization

● Sleep issues, such as insomnia, are alleviated

● Chronic pain reduction, especially when chakras in the body are activated and opened

● Immunity and resistance to illness is improved

● Headaches and migraines are reduced due to restructuring in brain cells and processes (Neurotheology)

● Longevity and chance of longer life expectancy is increased

 It is obvious that spirituality has numerous beneficial elements, though it should be noted this is a very small portion of the tremendous benefits spirituality practice will create.  There are countless methods to connect with the divine, higher energies. While one person may choose contemplative meditation or prayer, another may practice yoga or journaling. Whatever enables one to feel fulfilled, being present in that moment, is spiritual.

There is no one or wrong way to raise consciousness and create inner peace- it simply starts with consciously building a personal and comfortable method, to become one with spirituality.

Stay well,


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