As you all know, getting enough sleep is one of the most important factors in human health, yet most of the adults are not getting enough of it. The sleep deprivation can cause issues like weight gain, weakened immune system, hypertension, blood pressure, stroke, memory loss and many other serious diseases. In the previous article, I explained the various reasons for insomnia.

Now, let us look at some tips to help you improve your sleep and make you look forward to a good night rest every day.

Have a constant Sleeping Time

Do you know what this will do for you? Establishing a sleeping pattern trains your brain to start shutting down once it’s time to go bed. Even when you are high alert with the task, once this time approaching you start to feel sleepy.

Let Your Bedroom Be For Sleeping Only

As much as you can let your bedroom be only for sleeping. This tends to train your mind to always associate the room with sleep. Hence, it becomes easier to fall to sleep whenever you’re there. While there, try to make the room as comfortable as you can.

Let it All Go

While lying down there waiting for sleep, it is easy to allow your mind to wander about… stirring up anxiety-inducing thoughts and this can affect your sleep. Breathe in deeply and slowly breathe out… let it all go and give in to the sweet sensation washing over you.

Don’t Take Stimulants Close to Sleep Hours

Stay away from alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco. These contain some substances that keep you awake.

Never Eat Heavy Meals Before Sleeping

During sleep, the body is supposed to be resting and repairing itself and not laboring to get the heavy foods digested. Even so, you are at a high risk of chest burns and all those digestive issues that make sleep at night a chore.

Eat Healthy Foods

Maintaining a healthy feeding habit is a great way to ensure you can easily fall to sleep when it’s time to go to bed. Food like milk, eggs, spirulina, wild caught salmon, cashews, walnuts, grass fed dairies, beans, bananas are all rich in the amino acid called tryptophan which helps normalize serotonin and other neurotransmitters in the brain.

Regular Exercise

Staying active through exercising is a great way to work the body which leaves you well spent at the end of the day and craving for a good dose of sleep while building a kick ass fit body that you are proud of? When you exercise your body releases chemical called endorphins, which helps to improve the mood and the sleep.

Herbs can help

Some of the herbs have the calming effect on the body. It includes passionflowervalerian, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea, and chamomile.

Key Take Away

Sleep is essential in maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle and everyone needs a minimum amount to get by with – although this minimum differs from individuals.

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