It’s that time of the year again; we are going to celebrate with our family, friends, and colleagues. From family and friends parties to office parties, the holidays are time to share and celebrate. It is hard to sacrifice the taste or to stay on track with the weight during the season. Here are some tips to enjoy the holiday season without gaining weight or bouncing the blood sugar levels.


  • Be practical with your weight: Instead of losing weight try to maintain the same weight


  • Don’t starve before the party: Many of us do this mistake; we starve ourselves until the party starts without eating anything and end up eating more. Instead, eat light but some filling snacks before the party. Don’t skip meals; try to keep the carbohydrate consistent throughout the day to avoid the blood sugar fluctuations.


  • How about the portion size: Portions matters. Try to choose smaller portions of your favorite food and eat it slowly, enjoying every bit of the food.


  • Get some drinks, but: Alcohol is high in calories and can stimulate the appetite. If you want to drink, limit it to one or two drinks per occasion


  • Healthy Food choices: Try to eat balanced food, include vegetables, fruits or grain-based foods. Limit fried food and processed food; try steamed, grilled, baked items instead. Try to include healthy fat instead of unhealthy ones.


  • Get some physical activity: You don’t have to overdo anything during the holidays! Just go for a walk with your family, enjoying the nature without any gadgets after having food. Play or dance with your kids and family


Bottom line: Enjoy the quality time with your family and friends!


Happy Holidays!



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